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June 10, 2002

In this issue:
1. The eclipse today
2. The week delay of the E-zine being resumed


At 7:45 pm EDT time today there will be a solar eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini 54
minutes. The important thing about this eclipse is that it is conjunct Saturn
and the north node with Pluto opposing it. Since Saturn and Pluto are in lower
degrees, they will be transiting over this point in the near future. Setting the
chart up for Washington DC, reveals a descendant at 10 Gemini 51. That is within
a degree of the USA chart’s progressed Moon and close to it’s natal descendant
and Uranus.

The eclipse point, itself, at nearly 20 degrees Gemini, is close to the USA Mars
which is 21 Gemini 22. I’ve mentioned in my book and elsewhere that the
Mars/Neptune square in the USA chart is very prominently activated whenever we
are in war status. With transiting Mars about to go over the USA Cancer
stellium, it could very well be a most significant time ahead. Keep in mind that
the eclipse coming up on November 20 is at 27 Taurus, square the USA Moon, which
is now being transited by Uranus. It will retrograde back to that point this
summer and make a final connection in January/February next year. If this is,
indeed, the correct USA chart, then I would expect some very startling surprises
anytime during this period. Since the progressed Moon and the natal moon are
involved in these phenomenon, grass roots citizenry would be involved.

The tertiary progressions for today echo this theme. Mercury by tertiary
progression went retrograde in June 2001 and will remain so until January 2003.
This is a rather short tertiary Mercury retrograde period. It usually designates
a time of review, waiting, things being delayed. Since it occurs about once
every decade for everyone, we all have this review periodically. As a nation,
there is a quality of review right now characterized by what we "should have
known or should have noticed" before September 11th. And we’re "waiting" for the
next attack.

Further, the tertiary progressions for today feature a T-square formation
involving Saturn opposite Uranus (separating for a long time but still being
activated by faster planets) and a stellium of Sun, Mercury, Mars moving in to
activate both ends of this opposition. The Sun has already squared both in the
last two months (taking sudden, creative and new responsible action). Mercury is
only two minutes from squaring Saturn now (national fear and apprehension), Mars
has just passed a conjunction to the USA natal Saturn and is approaching a
square to both the tert. Saturn and Uranus later this year. Since the tertiary
MC is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn is in the tenth house of that chart and the
natal chart, the tert. Mars conjunct Saturn can indicate the decisive actions
taken by the president recently concerning more vigilance by special forces
being set up and by citizens themselves.

But, as an overview, what is happening is that the tertiary progressions have,
for a couple years, been activating the USA natal Sun square Saturn. Currently,
the tertiary moon, which moves at a rate of one degree every two days, is going
to join the stellium in about two months, and the ascendant/descendant axis will
activate tertiary Neptune. Further, tertiary Neptune, which is, of course, very
slow, is now within a degree of squaring the natal USA Sun. Any progression,
when it is within one degree, is active. This is confusion on the part of
leaders and authority. It will remain so for a long time... years. But, I think,
(again if this is the correct chart) it will be especially apparent in the next
two to seven months as the Asc/Des axis moves over the stellium and ultimately
squares tert. Saturn and Pluto.

2. Now on a personal note, I apologize for being a week late in re-activating
the e-zine, but my ex-husband passed away on May 31st, and I had to help my four
sons with arrangements, not to mention just not being in the mood to work very
much. I’m sure any of you who have lost loved ones one after another can
understand the fatigue it can produce. Thank you all for your patience.
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