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July 8, 2002

In this issue:
1. All About Nodes
2. Gentle reminder of the 2002 special discount.

All About Nodes

Any student of astrology has heard about the lunar nodes. They are mathematical
points on the ecliptic showing where the Moon would be crossing it if it were
there. They are the means by which we can tell if a new moon or full moon is, in
fact, an eclipse, because it will be if the Moon is crossing the ecliptic.
Hence, the name ‘eclipse’.

Most of you are probably aware that karmic issues from past lives are largely
shown by where the nodes fall in any person’s chart. However, there are some
other tidbits of information to be gleaned from them that you may not have
unearthed. Before we get into that, though, for those of you who have not heard
of the karmic symbolism, I’d like to review that briefly.

The glyphs of the nodes are the same only one is upside down. Both look like a
horseshoe, but one has the ends (each ending in a tiny circle) turned up – the
south node – and the other has the ends turned down – the north node. They are
always exactly opposite each other, so only one, the north, is shown in the
ephemeris. It is understood that you will know the south node is exactly
opposite. This, in itself, is full of symbolism.

All the signs are in polarity with their opposites, and they always have quite a
bit in common. Aries opposite Libra is self (Aries) opposite partnership
(Libra). Or "me" and "you". It is called the relationship axis. So, anyone with
the nodes in Aries/Libra (or the first and seventh houses) are karmicly having
issues about relating. (This is very simplistic, but then, this is just an
overview.) Taurus/Scorpio (second and eighth houses) is the material security
axis, sometimes called income (Taurus, second) and outgo (Scorpio, eighth), but
I like to refer to them as the second/Taurus being personal income and the
eighth/Scorpio being money in which others have an interest... i.e. taxes,
insurance, etc. It is also personal power (Taurus) versus others’ power
(Scorpio). (The first six signs are subjective and indicate self- interest,
whereas, the last six signs are objective and mean something similar to the
first except in recognizing that we are involving others.) Therefore, if your
nodes are in these pairs of signs or houses, your karma is directly related to
those issues. If you don’t have a working knowledge of all the other pairs, then
Jan Spiller’s book, Astrology for the Soul, is excellent in spelling out the
karmic implications of all the possible pairs.

So, karma is one aspect of the nodes, but another valuable thing they show is
how one relates to one’s peers. This is shown more by aspect than anything else.
Is there a plethora of trines and sextiles from sociable planets like Venus and
Jupiter? Then more than likely the native is popular, or at least is comfortable
with peers. Is there a T-square involving difficult energies like Saturn, Mars
and Pluto? Then more than likely it’s a struggle to relate comfortably. Uranus
is involved with the nodal axis? Then the native doesn’t have a problem being
different or ahead of his/her times.

And, another interesting tidbit about the nodes is their activity when people
are changing residences or work space. I’ve found they show people’s environment
and how well they fit in (an off-shoot of the "peers" indicator). If you are a
professional Astrologer or a student, check it out and see how often the nodes
are involved in any mathematic forecasting technique when major moves occur.

Gentle Reminder
For all of 2002 I’m offering 25% off charts that are ordered in a person’s
birthday month. This is only for 2002. The charts can be of any type as long is
it is for the birthday person. I had mentioned this several times in
publications, but either they were not noticed or forgotten, given the number of
people who have ordered and were unaware of this special offer. Half the year is
left, so at least some of you can still benefit. I’ll won’t be back from UAC
until July 25th, so the next e-zine will be late. Hope I see many of you there!
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