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Ezine for July 2, 2003

1. Katherine Hepburn
2. July speaking schedule

Katherine Hepburn

On June 29, we lost one of the most beloved ladies of the silver screen. She came in with a Mars/Uranus conjunction and left us with one, as well. Although Katherine Hepburn long gave her birth date as November 8, 1907, that was in memory of her deceased brother and probably to protect her privacy. She actually was born on May 12, 1907 at 5:47 PM in Hartford, CT. With Scorpio rising and the ruler, Pluto, in the 8th house, she did project a very private, controlled exterior. Her uncompromising independence is, of course, explained by the Mars/Uranus conjunction in the third house, and since it is in the business sign of Capricorn, she would have demonstrated
that independence most in her career.

Acting made sense as a career for her since Jupiter is conjoining Neptune opposite the Mars/Uranus. Neptune opposite Mars particularly indicates the ability to "be someone else." Her humor and down-to-earth behavior is shown by Uranus opposite Jupiter, known for punching holes in stuffed shirts, in fine aspect to Mercury, angular in the seventh house.

She was born just after a new moon in Taurus, both lights in the seventh. This is also an indication of impulsive independence. And she died on the day of a new Moon, this one very near her Jupiter, and since Jupiter was transiting her MC, it should have been a very peaceful passing. Interestingly, the North Node was at 29 Taurus, approaching her Sun, but also conjoining Spencer Tracy's Venus. I imagine that was quite a reunion.

Speaking Schedule
I'll be in Georgia giving a talk on Sunday afternoon, July 6th, at 2 pm in Canton at 1717 Fincher Rd. Contact phone is 770-479-6151. The talk will be about the outer planets.

On July 9th, in the evening, I'll be giving the same talk at the Planet Earth Bookstore in Ft. Myers, FL. The contact phone there is 239-939-3969.
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