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Advantage E-Zine - January 7, 2002

In this issue:
1. Retrograde Mercury's "Shadow"
2. The current Saturn/Neptune trine

Retrograde Mercury's "Shadow"

Most of you are probably familiar with Mercury's retrograde motion roughly three times a year for about three weeks. You are probably aware another is about to occur, and you could already be making sure you do not start any new projects or buy important products during this time. However, there is another part to this I haven't emphasized about which you may want to know.

The 'shadow' of Mercury's retrograde period is said to be almost as important as the retrograde period, itself. I, personally, think it ties us up for much too long a period, so I don't give it a lot of attention, but you may want to know about it if you are going to make some really important life- altering plans.

The shadow principle is this: At the time of Mercury's station when changing direction, it will occupy a specific degree of a sign. This month it stations and goes retrograde on January 18th at 14 degrees Aquarius. It will go back to 28 Capricorn where it will again station and go direct on February 8th. The first shadow period is before the first station when Mercury was approaching this period and passed over 28 Capricorn. That is
a "foreshadowing" of the degree in which it will again turn direct on Feb. 8th, and so from that date, which is January 2nd, until the actual retrograde station on the 18th, is called the "shadow" period. The "after shadow" is from the date it regains direct motion until it passes over 14 Aquarius, the degree it occupied when it turned retrograde. That date will be Feb. 28th/March 1st.

If we suspended much of our important decisions and purchases for two whole months every time we have a retrograde Mercury, which is three (and sometimes four) times a year, you can see how this could be extremely paralyzing in it's effect. However, I do believe we should be aware of this little-used time table so that if you are contemplating something extremely important, you can take it into consideration.

The Current Saturn/Neptune Trine

From about November 2001 to May 2002 (depending on the orbs you allow) Saturn will be in trine aspect to Neptune. It will be exact this month on the 23rd. That is in the time frame of the next e-zine, but I thought since it is in effect already and operating, you might want to be aware of it. It is, after all, most active when applying (approaching) to the aspect.

Neptune is the principle of spirituality, sensitivity and compassion, its positive expression, or the principle of deception and illusion, its  negative use. Saturn is concrete 'reality' (which is probably not what we think it is anyway), discipline, structure and responsibility. In trine, these two would be supportive of their mutual energies more easily finding positive expression. In other words, we, globally, would find it easier to take responsibility and put our spiritual truths into action with structured and concrete results. One way we see this is the handling of preparing the Afghans with what they need for the winter.

Look around you. What can you actually DO that is a practical expression of your spiritual beliefs and insights? The reason we have this marvelous "clock" in the sky is so we can tell time about the way we use the energies that are generously there to tap into and express in our everyday choices.
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