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January 9 2003

Around and Around We Go

It is said that history repeats itself....and indeed, it does! Just the action of solar arc alone guarantees it. Every approximately 90 years, a solar arc aspect, in fact, all fourth harmonic solar arc aspects in any particular chart, will repeat. Every 45 years, as outlined in my book, Solar Arc Directions, they will repeat in a reverse formation as well. It seems that nature has a built-in method for teaching us lessons by repeating them over and over.

Right now, the USA chart is having some very, very serious solar arc aspects forming. Specifically, the Sibley chart has solar arc Pluto coming to square the ascendant (which holds an eclipse from Dec. 4, 2002) and the solar arc ascendant coming to square the natal Pluto. There will also be a station this month of Saturn in transit at 22 Gemini on the USA’s Neptune/Mars square, which has always been active in war time.

We were born in the summer so solar arc motion is relatively slow. The last time
these mutual Pluto/Ascendant aspects formed was the summer of 1914 – roughly 89
years ago. Not only was this happening, but there were a plethora of other aspects forming then as now, and transiting Saturn was also in late Gemini. What was happening then? World War I was gearing up.

What did we learn from that? Will we repeat history? Hopefully, our collective consciousness is wiser now. The newsletter (which is semi-annual now) will be out soon with much, much more detail about this. Happy 2003!
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