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February 4, 2002

This time:

Will re-locating change your life?

The main question, "Will re-locating change your life?" I did a lecture on this Saturday in Richmond (which was taped, and those can be bought for $15 including postage), and I approached the question from a psychological point of view. Astro*Carto*Graphy has been a fascination of mine for many years. I get a lot of requests from people to interpret their map and advise what an area of residence might do to improve their lives. There is one basic rule that has to be taken into consideration with this technique, and it is the same rule that applies in examining compatibility charts. Wherever you go, and with whomever you relate, you take yourself with you! If your own shadow side is the main cause of disappointments and rejection, then changing residences or partners is not the answer. However, there are places where we can more easily show our better selves and where things seem to go better for us. It will not cure or heal our
darker natures, but instead might repress them more easily. One wonders how much
good that really does for us. Jim Lewis developed this technique more than twenty years ago. He devised a way of overlaying an individual’s chart onto a map of any kind – world, state, country – that clearly showed which planets would be on which angle and in which places. For instance, if you calculated your relocation chart for, say, London,
and saw that Saturn would fall right on your ascendant if you relocated to London, then on an Astro*Carto*Graph (ACG) map, there would be a line labeled "Asc/Saturn" that would run right through London. If you moved there, you would experience Saturn energy more intensely, and it would relate to the traditional meanings of the Ascendant.
I’ve lived in Europe, California, Georgia, Florida, Canada... lots of places (Uranus rising in my natal chart), and I’ve actually experienced the truth of this technique. But, more growth came from inhabiting those places where a "shadow" planet was prominent. A shadow planet is one in your chart that shows challenges to growth. Saturn is a shadow indicator for everyone more or less, but there are several ways a planet can be classified as signifying an issue that we want to avoid facing. There is nothing mysterious about it; the rules are the same as interpreting a natal chart. If you want to get a book about this, The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Grapy by Jim Lewis and Kenneth Irving is a good one.

You can get an ACG map of the world for your chart very easily. I can provide it as one of my services, or you can get a prettier one in color with a booklet to help you understand it from Astro Numeric Service 1-800-627-7464. It costs about $20 plus postage from them last time I checked. Next time, I’ll probably be too embarrassed by having been late two times in a  row to dare to be late again! :-)
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