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February 3, 2003

1. New Ezine schedule
2. Bush’s chart
3. Intensive special

Ezine Schedule Change

It will soon be on the website, but fyi, the Ezine will go out sometime during the first week of each month. It’s hard for me to promise a specific day anymore, life is getting so hectic, but I think I can handle a week’s leeway. Archives on the website will hold the last year of periodicals only, and those ezines that have gone before, but not archived, will be shortly.

George W. Bush’s Chart South Africa’s Nelson Mandela said recently that Mr. Bush
did not think "properly". That prompted me to take another look at the Bush chart to see if there might be some truth in that and not just my personal opinion, as well. Looking at the third house and Mercury, the first clue is Neptune in the third natally square the Sun. Second clue is Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo rising and conjunct the ascendant. Two things are happening between these two configurations. First, Neptune in transit is now opposite the natal Mercury/Pluto and the solar arc Mercury/Pluto are approaching a conjunction to the natal Neptune in the third house!! Let’s take one at a time.

A person with Leo rising and Mercury conjunct Pluto on the ascendant is going to have a subjective, obsessive viewpoint. The sextile between that conjunction and natal Neptune helps, but the dispositor (Sun) of the two Leo planets is square the Neptune. Also, for the past couple weeks progressed Moon in Scorpio has been square the Mercury/Pluto adding stubborn emotionalism to this. The progressed Moon will be in square aspect to transit Neptune over the next couple months as well. None of this looks too rational to me.

Further, solar arc Pluto will conjoin natal Neptune in about a year and 6 weeks followed by solar arc Mercury doing the same in about a year and 11 months. I would say he’s going to stick to his decisions without a clear understanding of what he’s doing.

Also, Pluto is transiting opposite his natal Uranus in range most of this year. According to Ebertin, when these two are in negative aspect, we have "impatience, .... fanaticism, one-sidedness, violence, precipitate action, the mania of destruction." I call it the "throwing out the baby with the bath water" syndrome. Too much, too fast with too little planning or forethought. Exactly what I think Mandela meant. Mr. Bush was born with a Sun/Moon first quarter square. This is notorious also for precipitous action bordering on anarchy. This square has moved by solar arc to activate his Mars! The Moon was square a year and 3/4 ago, and the Sun will conjoin it in a year and a quarter. Talk about violence and impulsiveness!! Further, Saturn has been transiting his Uranus/North Node conjunction, but did you know that his Venus/MC midpoint is 22:51 Gemini? Saturn is stationing on that point this month!

When Saturn changes signs in June, it will enter Cancer where Mr. Bush has the
Sun/Uranus midpoint at 1:28 Cancer and Mars/MC midpoint at 1:45 Cancer. He was
born with the Sun conjunct his Uranus/Asc midpoint at 13:08 Cancer. All this
Uranus activity, both natal and by prognostication, further corroborates a
nature that is quite capable of not thinking properly (especially now) and
leading us into ill-planned and reckless behavior.

One last thought. Marianne Williamson has said (I can’t remember where) that fighting violence with violence only escalates violence. If one wants peace, one must use peaceful means to effect it. In the book, The Field, by Lynne McTaggart, it is demonstrated that there is a "zero point" field of latent sub-atomic particles that "wait" for thought and emotion, i.e. "attention", to activate them. This vast field permeates everything and is everywhere into infinity. All thought and intention ripples through it affecting all other matter immersed in this field. If enough thought and intention of peace and love is directed into this field it cannot help but change everything it contacts.
But, if fear and violence is directed into it, that is what we will eventually experience. She shows in this book the physics of how it works and why we do, indeed, make our own reality. Mr. Bush is only one man, and I believe we outnumber his supporters. We are many, and we can change this by the way we direct our thought and visualization.

Intensive Special
Many clients do not realize how valuable an intensive forecast can be using secondary progressions, solar arcs, solar return, lunar returns, tertiary progressions and transits. Right now, I’m offering three months for the price of two ($50 plus $5 s&h) just to try them out. The normal price is $25 per month. If you are a long time user of this service, you can have this too, in increments of 3 or 6... i.e three for the price of two or six for the price of four. I don’t do them all at once for longer periods than that. This special
will run through March. Go to the web site for further information: 
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