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Advantage E-Zine - December 24, 2001

At this time of year, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, it is
appropriate that we look at a projected birth chart of that blessed event.
In his book, "Astrology's Pew in Church", Don "Moby Dick" Jacobs presents
a chart for March 1, 7 BC at 1:30 A.M. in Bethlehem.

This chart has an ascendant of 14:51 Sagittarius, a full third house with
Mercury in Aquarius, and six bodies in Pisces, Uranus (although not
discovered at that time), Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Saturn and Venus. Pluto is
opposite most of these, and Neptune is trine the same ones, i.e.: Uranus,
Jupiter, Moon, Sun and Saturn. Mars is at 21 Virgo opposite the Venus. It
is, indeed, a powerful chart. I've perused several others, including John
Addey's, but none comes close to the power of this one.

Jesus was a gifted orator, which is definitely the message of a packed
third house that includes Uranus in a stellium. The close Jupiter/Uranus
conjunction would indicate a sense of humor and uniqueness in his speaking
style. With so many bodies in Pisces, his compassion would have been
unparalleled, particularly when five of them are trine Neptune. But, he
was certainly not a pushover. Pluto opposite those same planets, would
indicate singleness of purpose, obsessive dedication to his work
(particularly the opposition to Saturn), and with Mars in Virgo opposite
Venus, he did not compromise his values, which he saw in minute detail.

The most interesting thing I noticed, though, was the conjunction of the
south node in Scorpio to Neptune in the same sign. South node is one of
the past life indicators which gives us some information about why a
person is here. Scorpio is "death" and one of Neptune's symbolic meanings
is "sacrifice". He died a sacrificial death. Why? For love. The north node
is in the fifth house. Both nodes are sextile and trine Pluto – singleness
of purpose about His destiny.

This chart shows a great teacher, a powerful philosopher (Sagittarius
rising) who will not be deterred from His task. I can easily see why Don
Jacobs was so sure it was the Christ's nativity. There will be a detailed
analysis of the "star" and the Magi in the newsletter which will be out in
time for the Epiphany.

May all of you have a most blessed Christmas and a joyful, prosperous and
fulfilling New Year!
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