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December 1, 2003

1. Joseph Lieberman
2. Dennis Kucinich

Joseph Lieberman

This democratic candidate was born on February 24, 1942 at 2:30 a.m. EWT in Stamford, CT. At first I was dismayed to see Neptune culminating at the midheaven, but after further investigation, it appears to be an asset for Mr. Lieberman. It is trining Saturn, Mars and Uranus all conjoined in the sixth house in Taurus; it is sextile Pluto in the eighth, and quintile the ascendant. The only difficult aspect, a minor one, is a quincunx to Mercury. That could be a problem except that Mercury is well fortified with trines to the Moon and Jupiter in Gemini in the seventh. This man can be an inspiring, honest and
imaginative president with stability represented by the Taurus planets. Mr. Lieberman is an optimist as shown by Mercury and Venus in Aquarius trine Jupiter, and it, in turn, is angular being on the seventh cusp and opposite the ascendant. His intelligence, flexibility and versatility is evident with Moon in Gemini plus Sun and Mercury in the third house. This won't get too far out of hand, either, since there are also six fixed
planetary placements. Usually, Saturn, Mars and Uranus bundled in a sign like Taurus could be a difficult personality indicating abrupt, explosiveness when too frustrated. But, in this chart, with their all being trine Neptune and well-aspected to other placements, it is a needed counterbalance to his abundance of mutability. Above all, Mr. Lieberman is compassionate as shown by his Pisces Sun and prominent well-aspected Neptune. Plus, South Node in Pisces is a powerful indication of a very kind and spiritually oriented
soul. I think he would make a fine president, but can he be elected? We did elect a Catholic president when many said it couldn't be done; maybe the same can happen for a Jewish candidate. After all, in September Jupiter will go over his MC and trine the Taurus planets, and Uranus will be near his Sun all year. We could see some surprising things from this candidate.

Dennis Kucinich

Born on October 8, 1946 at 5:53 p.m. EST in Cleveland, OH, Mr. Kucinich is a study in contradictions. In the beginning he was my favorite before seeing his chart. He's one of us, you know, having come from humble beginnings with an inside knowledge of what it means to be a working man. Compassion, therefore, would be expected, and it's there with Moon in Pisces in the 12th house. Although the Moon is trine Venus in Scorpio in the 8th, further adding sensitivity, it is also square Uranus in the third house. He
grooves on change and excitement and can have some eccentricities... not a bad thing, particularly. However, Aries is rising. That, too, indicates change and excitement and a subjective viewpoint for the most part. As I said, though, he is a study in contradiction. The Sun in Libra plays it safe, normally, and seeks advice endlessly before deciding
anything. This is strengthened in the seventh house. Also in the seventh are Mars, Jupiter and Mercury all in Scorpio. That makes four personal placements (Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, made personal by its association with the others) in Scorpio. The contradiction is that Aries rising is usually honest and straight forward. i.e. what you see is what you get, but not when it's disposited by Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio is not direct, nor is it particularly candid, as Aries is. What I think results is an appearance of being straight forward and decisive, but behind the scenes not being sure of himself and having his doubts remain a well-kept secret while he seeks advice as much as possible.
Even this is not unusual, nor particularly negative. There is, however, a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Leo in the fifth, and these square Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Even though Pluto trine the ascendant can be steady and persistent, which helps the Aries quality enormously, the square it forms to Mars, the ruler of the ascendant, can indicate his becoming quite angry, intractable and obsessive. With Saturn involved in this pattern, it isn't helped much, especially in Leo in the fifth house - an indication of pride issues. Further, Mercury square Saturn, although indicative of careful thought processes, can also look on the dark side too much or take things too personally. Usually, people with this are not secure in their knowledge and feel they have to know more than others to feel equal. He would not like admitting he was wrong about anything. I think the nodal axis is essential in understanding what a person's life purpose is generally. He is learning to build his own material security (hence, the early environment not being privileged) and above all to think for himself. Even though he sounds and looks decisive, I think his habit pattern is to be influenced quite a bit from whomever supports him
materially. South Node is in the 8th in Sagittarius. What is really interesting is that next year the two most influential transits are Pluto opposing his natal Uranus and Neptune transiting opposite his natal Pluto. Since Pluto rules the 8th house, he will be doing a tap dance pleasing other people. I'd watch for contradictory statements and sudden shifts in policy. He won't be sure what others want from him. And, with Saturn square both the Sun and ascendant, it's unlikely that he'll be a major contender.
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