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Advantage E-Zine - December 10, 2001

Recently, I've been working with tertiary progressions, and when I
mentioned that I was going to include them in all my forecasting, many
people called or emailed asking what they were. Therefore, I'll use this
venue to define them and give some examples.

Secondary progressions use the formula of a day equaling a year. This is
based on solar motion. So, starting from the birthdate in the ephemeris
for the year of birth, one would count down the number of days as the age
of the person to see where the planets would be at that time in a person's
life. I don't have time, and this isn't the place to actually teach how to
do this, but that is roughly the procedure. Tertiary progressions are
based on lunar motion, and the formula is very roughly a day for a month.
Since there are close to thirteen of these for each year, it is hard to
calculate. I don't even try; I use the computer, and Solar Fire has a very
fine tertiary progression option. So far, in using them for clients, I've
found them absolutely remarkable. If you want to know more about them, you
will find good, accurate directions in Robert Blaschke's book,
"Progressions" available on

This morning I thought I'd examine the three USA charts that I use and see
what the tertiaries for Sept. 11th revealed. Surely, I thought, there will
be clear differences that might help me make a choice between them. Not
so. I'm still stymied. Let's look them over a bit one at a time.

The first one for July 4th, 1776 at 2:15 am shows the natal moon within
minutes of the tertiary 7th cusp.... an emotional public event. Tertiary
Pluto is exactly (within 11 minutes of a degree) square the tertiary MC. I
count tertiary contacts to each other just as I do secondaries. That is a
very public traumatic event. The tertiary (hereinafter abbreviated T.)
Mars is conjunct T. Sun which are in turn exactly trine the natal USA
Ascendant and Uranus. This is well-aimed angry retaliation, and it is
present in all the charts. T. Neptune is square natal Sun, but not only is
that present in all the charts, it is also very long-lasting showing a
slow spiritualizing of the nation with much confusion about it. T. Saturn
is almost opposite the midpoint of the Sun and Mercury but not as close to
it as the afternoon charts. Also, there weren't enough angular placements
in this to make me comfortable with it.

In the 4:20 pm chart which is a rectification by Barbara Koval that I've
used more than any other, the nodes are on the Ascendant/Descendant axis
of the tertiary chart along with Jupiter rising. Jupiter rules the MC. The
natal USA Moon is also rising. Jupiter isn't always "benefic"; it can
sometimes just indicate a "lot" of something. This attack certainly was
excessive. The MC is 12 Sagittarius, which is the Ascendant of the 5:10 pm
chart we'll examine next. Pluto was transiting at that degree on Sept. 11.
(You see the dilemma?) In the morning chart, the T. MC is 9 Taurus, but in
both afternoon charts, the T. MOON is 9 Taurus, so Pluto is squaring that
instead of the MC. Still dramatic emotional trauma. T. Saturn is trine the
natal MC, indicating control and discipline of leadership, and it is
closer to the USA natal Sun/Mercury midpoint mentioned above. That is
serious thought and depression. It will last awhile. The thing that
strikes me about this one is the prominence of the nodes which always
indicates a very karmic and important time. Also in this chart the
tertiary 8th house (death) is loaded with five planets. The midpoint of
the stellium is 17:14 of Libra. The T. Saturn is 17:24 Capricorn and T.
Uranus is 16:14 of Cancer. This opposition is separating, but still in
range of activating, and it is in range of this summer's eclipse. This,
however, is in all the charts.

The Sibley chart for 5:10 pm doesn't have anything angular, but the T.
ascendant is a degree and a minute of activating the Mars/Neptune square
in the natal chart. The stellium is in the 7th house. There isn't much
else spectacular about it. So I'm still leaning toward the Koval chart if
only considering the tertiary progressions. I'll just have to keep

I hope you don't mind if I show off a little. I just read the first review
of my book (that I know of), and an excerpt is below. It was published in
"Considerations" in their latest issue. The book is available on now and can be purchased there, but I'm still adding to the
page's content. It just went up a day ago, and Amazon doesn't have my
shipment yet, but they will in just a few days.

From "Considerations" magazine, P.O. Box 655, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 (It's a magazine well worth subscribing

"Carole Devine's skills as an astrologer and a teacher come through in her
concise yet comprehensive book, "Solar Arc Directions: How to Read Life's
Roadmap". In this well-written book, Devine explains how life patterns can
be revealed by using solar arc directions. Along with transits, secondary
progressions and planetary cycles, solar arc direction is an important
predictive technique that allows astrologers to track patterns in their
clients' lives............

Every chapter is loaded with useful information. .............I revisited
some significant events in my life by setting up her suggested tri-wheel
and I was amazed with what I saw. Aspects that solar arc directed planets
make to natal planets can indicate significant turning points in one's
life and are a useful predictive tool.

Devine's book introduces the principles of cosmobiology, and explains how
to use mid-point trees. This leads us into a fascinating chapter entitled
"The Mid-life Shift into Reverse."..................... This theory, which
she explains in detail, is well worth exploring. In fact, it makes this
book a must read for serious astrologers!

Devine also discusses using solar arc directions with historical charts,
composite charts, and as an aid in birth time rectification. Example
charts are spread thoughout the book and each chapter ends with suggested
student exercises. Devine is an excellent teacher who knows how to present
material clearly and then enhance it with examples and exercises. I loved
this short book and gained new perspective on solar arc directions from
reading it. I highly recommend it for intermediate and advanced students
of astrology." -- Leda Blumberg
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