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Advantage E-Zine - August 6, 2001

What about Chandra Levy? What can we get from her chart and resultant
positions of progressions, etc. for the time of her disappearance? Her
birth data is April 14, 1977 at 1:45 pm EST in Cleveland OH. Her last
email was sent on May 1, 2001 at 10:45 am in Washington DC. (Her chart
and a quad-wheel chart showing her natal chart along with secondary
progressions, solar arcs and transits are online at and To view them,
just copy and paste each URL into your browser's address window.)

First, about the character.... Chandra would be a difficult mistress.
First, she has a most idealistic and romantic emotional nature. Moon is
in Pisces square Neptune and Venus in Aries in the 8th house trine
Neptune. Clandestine behavior is not difficult for her; Mars is
conjunct the Moon and also square Neptune. However, the difficult part
comes with the Saturn/Uranus/Mercury T-square. (Note: a T-square is a
configuration in which three planets form a right triangle. Two are
opposite each other, and the third is at the midpoint 90 degrees from
each of the two in opposition.) Let's take this a little at a time.

Saturn, the middle planet, is in Leo in the 12th house. This speaks of a
past life of being used to VIP treatment (echoed by Leo rising), but
also of fear of failure in that regard. Mercury, ruler of the second and
sixth, is in opposition to Uranus (ruler of the seventh) and, of course,
square Saturn. This further speaks of fear of poverty and also fear of
getting locked into routine and boredom in a job. Uranus likes freedom
and excitement; Saturn is duty-bound. The Mercury/Uranus opposition is
very strong because it is closely aligned with the MC/IC axis. This
further strengthens the whole T-square and makes it the "cross" she is
bearing in this life.

Whenever we have a conflict between Saturn and Uranus, we have a battle
between tradition/duty and freedom/independence. Since Uranus rules the
seventh house (marriage and partnerships) that is where the battle will
be waged. She doesn't really want the duty of marriage, but she also
likes power and prestige. There would be an impatience about achieving
the later over a long period of time. Since Mercury rules the second
house, this T-square impacts her attitudes about wealth as well. Leo
rising can be expensive. Mercury square Saturn is fear of not being able
to support oneself, or at the very least not having a high expectation
about one's worth, which also will be prominent in worthiness in
relationships. Mercury opposite Uranus (when Mercury rules the second)
is spontaneity in spending. This opposition is also indicative of a very
independent, impatient mind with no desire to listen to others' advice.
This is made even more important when you consider that the south node
is in Aries in the ninth house. That indicates a past life spent in
believing what she was told and listening to others, probably to her
detriment, but also being an independent loner (Aries). With north node
in Libra in the third, she is learning to be a co-operative partner and
to think for herself. These are not skills she has, but what she is
learning to do. There is a lot more echoing this dependent/independent
dilemma... Sun in Aries but Moon in the seventh (Libra's house) for

It has been commented on TV discussions that she did not come from the
kind of home that produces a tendency to affairs with father figures.
Maybe that's not true. The rulers of the fourth and tenth (parents) are
in opposition and are in fixed houses ... Venus opposite Pluto. This
shows a powerful undercurrent of controlling behavior on the part of one
of the parents, if not both. In her own character, a Venus/Pluto
opposition is a person who obsesses over love. The kind of person who
locks on to one person and refuses to let go. When you add this to a
romantic, dreamy nature (remember the Moon/Neptune square and Moon in
Pisces?) and also the subconscious fear of not being worthy, you have
the recipe for an affair-prone person. There is the factor of being
"unworthy" and therefore able to take second place. The dreamy,
Piscean/Neptunian quality can lie to herself and believe what she likes,
and with the powerful Uranus/Mercury/Saturn T-square, she subconsciously
wants her freedom anyway.

The Solar Arcs, progressions and transits of May 1st are interesting.
I'm not a horary Astrologer, so I will not speculate on what happened to
her, but the contacts in effect do show that she had been through highly
charged relationship issues over the last couple years. At the time of
the last email, the transiting Moon was just separating from her
ascendant and was applying to an opposition to Uranus. Uranus had been
transiting her seventh house cusp, and so anything having to do with a
potential marriage was erratic and unstable. She would have had a great
deal of emotional upheaval during that morning. Pluto had been
transiting square her Moon for some time, so she was also extremely
obsessive about her emotional life. Saturn had just days before
transited over her Neptune/MC midpoint... a professional disappointment
and illusions shattered.

But, it's the midpoints that are so telling. There are five important
contacts. First, solar arc Mars is conjunct the Moon/Mercury midpoint,
which is 13:10 Aries. That is anger and impulsive emotional behavior.

Second, solar arc Saturn and Uranus had been energizing the
Moon/Ascendant midpoint, which is 3:00 Gemini. This one is very
important since it is all about committed emotional relationships. Her
natal Saturn/Uranus square which is the war between commitment and
freedom was now at a critical position where a drama about it was
unfolding. It had been in effect for nearly eight months. It was keeping
her in a constant state of instability.

Third, the Jupiter/Ascendant midpoint, at 12:29 Cancer, is in the
birthchart exactly square the natal Pluto. This promises exaggerated,
passionate, and obsessive relationships in general. That point was
activated by Mars less than a year earlier and is still in effect. Mars
is violence added to the mix.

Fourth, the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is 11:13 Virgo. Saturn and Pluto
together can indicate obsessive depression, powerful, frustrated drives
and a feeling of intense disappointment after major effort. The
progressed ascendant is at 11:30 Virgo, having just passed that point.
When it's this close, it is still in effect and especially since
transiting Pluto was also activating that point. The ascendant is
oneself. So she had just been through those kind of feelings and was
taking them personally. And fifth, the Sun/MC midpoint (4:46 Taurus),
which is one's public image, pride, career, reputation, etc., had been
activated by solar arc Venus at 4:48 Taurus just days before. This may
have been a brief promise of something that she wanted. Usually, Venus
connected to that midpoint is a wonderful event that promises a public
validation of one's ego. She definitely had high expectations.

The conclusion? I think she was expecting great results from her
liaison, after a year of major upheaval and disappointments one after
another. But the couple hours after her last email, were very
surprising to her. What surprised her is anyone's guess.

PS. I'm sorry for all the technicalities, but these were too dramatic to
pass up, and many on my list are advanced students who would want to
know these things.
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