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Advantage E-Zine - August 20, 2001

In April of 2000 I told my younger sister that the last 8 months of 2001
would be a time she would have to address health issues because,
whatever the problem might be, it would be chronic and require great
discipline to keep under control. She was born on March 4, 1941, and I
could see that the powerful opposition of Saturn and Pluto, in effect
most of this year, would be directly affecting her Sun. It is, in fact,
affecting all people born in the first week of March, June, September
and December as well as anyone with positions in their charts in the
mid-degrees of the mutable signs, which are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
and Pisces.

This opposition is not a truly rare occurrence since Saturn orbits at a
relatively fast clip, one turn around the Sun every 28 to 30 years. It
is rare, enough, however, to be remembered. The last time was in the
mid-sixties, and since Pluto was in conjunction with Uranus (remember
the Timothy McViegh discourse concerning these two), we had a dramatic
demonstration of the symbolism of these energies. In the sixties the
opposition was in Virgo/Pisces. This time in Gemini/Sagittarius, all
mutable signs. But, you ask, what does it all mean?

Meaning is relative. Furthermore, there is a negative and a positive use
of these symbols that is entirely in our power to choose. When first
hearing what these two planets mean, it sounds ominous. Saturn is
conflict, pain and doubt--adding up to fear! Pluto is extreme
pressure, total transformation (or annihilation), and obsessive
intensity. When you consider that it rules volcanoes, you can get the
picture. How can this be positive? Well, read on......

An Astrologer can only see the symbolism of transits and other
phenomena and apply it to a person's natal chart according to the
symbolism found there. It takes great skill and practice to be able to
synthesize these energies into something concrete that a normal person
can take into his/her life and use in a practical manner. And for each
person, it will be different. To demonstrate, let's get back to my

Her name is Iris, and she used to be a singer. She was used to being
admired for her talent and also her beauty. In April 2000, she was a
vibrant, enthusiastic person looking forward to her retirement years
with relish. But, on May 22, 2000, she had a massive stroke when
transiting Saturn and Uranus squared and conjoined her natal
Moon/Uranus conjunction. For months, she was on pain medication,
in and out of the hospital, and since this was the case, therapy was
sporadic, if at all. One of my clients, a physical therapist, told
me that if she had not been ambulatory the first month or so, she
would probably never walk again. This is also what her doctors said.
I saw her left arm and hand begin to freeze into that drawn up
position so characteristic of paraplegics. Our whole family was
heartsick, but internally, I thought to myself, "If this is how bad
it is now, what will happen next year when Saturn and Pluto affect
her Sun?" I naturally didn't say anything to anyone in the family
about that! But, subsequent events taught ME a valuable lesson.

When this spring and summer came around and these two planets lumbered
into their positions opposite each other, a remarkable thing happened.
Iris asked her doctor to just try therapy. She has Aries rising, which
means she had always been active and was quite tired of sitting in a
wheelchair. At first, she was sent three times a week to the Patricia
Neal Center in Knoxville for therapy which left her so completely
exhausted, she couldn't even talk on the phone afterward. Nonetheless,
she pressed on. All summer she has been working with a leg brace and
cane and has forced herself to walk. I went to Knoxville earlier this
month to visit. She had to show off, you know. She rose from the
wheelchair and shakily balanced. I followed with the wheelchair so
she'd have a place to rest if necessary, and her husband walked beside
her to help if needed. She put a foot forward and ever so slowly
leaned on the cane, swung her weak leg forward and actually took one
step after another. Now she can walk 130 feet without resting. She
is swimming a few times a week in regular intervals. In the water
she is free.

Why do you suppose we have planets like Saturn and Pluto in our charts?
I was reminded of something my teacher said once about Saturn. It may
be conflict, pain, doubt and fear, but it is also the ruler of the bones
in our body, without which, we would not be upright and walking. My
prediction had been true... " ... health issue that would require great
discipline...", but great discipline can be called on more easily if the
energies symbolizing 'serious effort' are present for our use! Perhaps,
if Saturn and Pluto had not been present affecting Iris' natal Sun, she
may not have had the obsessive will to walk that has made a most
positive impact on her life. If you have these two affecting your chart,
look around at how you can use these powerful allies to make needed
changes in your life that will empower you. Don't be afraid of them.
They are there to strengthen you!


Two things: First, the story about my sister does not imply that anyone
who is born with positions being affected by the Saturn/Pluto opposition
will have a health problem. Please don't worry about anything like that.
Every chart is a very different story, and often there are counter
indicators that makes it easy to deal with something like this. You are
never given anything you cannot handle. That is a Metaphysical law.
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