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August 12, 2002

In this issue:
1. Martha Stewart
2. Announcements

Martha Stewart

The Diva of Homemaking and marketing phenomenon, Martha Stewart, was born on
August 3, 1941 at 1:33 pm in Jersey City, NJ. Like her hard-driving father,
shown by the Sun conjunct Pluto near the MC in the ninth, which also points to
her publishing focus, she is absolutely going to be in control of anything that
touches her life. Not only is the Pluto conjunct the Sun, but square the
ascendant in Scorpio. But does this extend to the stock market? And did you know
that she was recently made a member of the New York Stock Exchange Board of
Directors? There are only 27 members. Said Jacob Zamansky, a securities lawyer:
"She’s in charge of voting what rules, and actually overseeing the conduct of
the New York Stock Exchange members, such as Merrill Lynch and these brokers."
I’d say that’s a bit of control. Further, she has Jupiter, ruler of her second,
in the 8th house semi-square Pluto. That is possibly obsession with controlling

There are two things about her character, though, that are most interesting.
First, she has Mercury, ruler of the 8th, in Cancer. Mercury in Cancer is
tricky. It is closely connected to emotional needs, so that the reasoning
process can be colored by what one "needs" to believe about oneself, a
situation, an outcome or anything else that is emotionally charged. My teacher
once said, and this is paraphrased, "As you listen to the deductive reasoning
process of one with Mercury in Cancer, it sounds plausible, but somehow, it
seems to have skipped a step or added one. This is only true if the emotional
need of the person to draw that conclusion is critical."

Secondly, she has the Moon in the second in Sagittarius square Neptune with only
22 minutes orb. It is the tightest aspect in the chart, and certainly the crux
of the life. Moon rules the ninth, Neptune the fifth. It is highly created, but
ego can make the rules; pride can bend them, and she is perfectly capable of
deception. Saturn is transiting opposite her Moon, and square the Neptune.
Uranus is squaring her Saturn and Uranus, so responsibility for all this is
coming due.

The newsletter for Summer and Fall is being mailed out and on the web site
shortly, in which will be a thorough analysis of this chart and the pertinent
solar arcs, progressions, etc., thoroughly examined. Also, there will be
commentary on the stock market.


1. The E-Zine will be suspended for awhile so that I can concentrate on my book
and other important pursuits. I will resume it when I have finished the basic

2. The newsletter, for the same reason, is going from a quarterly to a bi-annual
publication. So this list and my mailing list will receive it every six months
or thereabouts, but it will be longer in content.
3. I have completed a painting of a subject’s spiritual essence as interpreted
from her natal chart. It will be on the web site soon with more information
including how to order one for yourself. I will send out an announcement when it
has been posted. As they are done, more will be added.
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