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April 1, 2003

1. Charts of the war
2. Elizabeth Smart

Charts of the War

We started a war at a time when the Sun tenanted 29 degrees Pisces, the so-called "fated" degree. But Rudhyar in his "An Astrological Mandala" uses the symbolism for this degree as light breaking into colors through a prism, a symbol, in turn, of diversity within union. We Americans have always been concerned about our fellow human beings, fully realizing that we are one and what we do for the least of men, we do for ourselves, which is also so repeatedly stressed in "A Course in Miracles". The Sun, of course,
has since entered Aries at the Spring Equinox, but the first new moon of this annual event is today at 2:19 p.m. est. It marks a new beginning. The first attack, according to my sources, was March 19 at 9:35 p.m. est from the vantage point of Washington, DC and on March 20 at 5:35 a.m. from the perspective of Baghdad. Each chart should show the war from the view of each country. The tenacity of the Iraqi fighters is clearly shown by Pluto closely conjoining the MC by less than two degrees and opposite Saturn
at the IC. Plus, martyring Pisces is rising, and with Venus, Neptune and Uranus in the 12th, it is not surprising that we see so much guerilla warfare on their part. Also, the Pluto/MC configuration would indicate that this war will, indeed, completely change their form of government, if not also portend the death of their leader. I'm encouraged by the Moon, Saturn, Venus grand trine, which when including the MC, makes a kite pattern. The change should be very good for Iraq.

The over-confidence of the US is shown in its chart by the Jupiter/MC conjunction square the ascendant and the fifth house Sun. But that Sun is still square Saturn in the 8th, so it will be a hard battle, no doubt. We are contending (all of us) with a Jupiter/Neptune opposition all summer which clouds judgment, and with Jupiter in the 9th, can also indicate our own media being deceptive in some way. The hardship would be shown by
where the Saturn/Pluto opposition falls in this chart, and naturally, it falls in the 2nd/8th axis. We are going to be burdened with the huge cost of this war, further shown by the ruler of the 8th in a T-square with Saturn and Pluto. But, with fixed signs on the angles and this opposition in fixed houses, we will tenaciously move forward and finish what has been started. The New Moon today trines the MC/Jupiter conjunction in the US
chart for this war, so we should see rapid progress after that, not to mention that Jupiter goes direct on April 3rd. There are many ways of assessing the potential of a conflict like this. One can look at these charts, but also at the countries' charts and those of their leaders. I think when Saturn leaves Gemini on June 3rd, we will be over the main part of this. After all, it would have just squared the 29 degree Pisces Sun, but
it is a long, hard time for us after that when Saturn contacts not only the US Sun, but George Bush's Sun, as well. This will not necessarily mean hardship with this war, but most likely it will be economic. The US Sun is it its 8th house which, as most of you know, has to do with debt, taxes, etc. Interestingly, Saturn is also located in the 8th house of this war chart, as previously mentioned.

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart was born on Nov. 3, 1987 at 1:03 pm in Salt Lake City, UT. When I approached this chart, I was not expecting to find so much "fate" involved in the kidnaping, feeling that perhaps the perpetrator was creating some karma for himself. What a surprise when I applied Cosmobiology techniques to it!

Traditional methods show Neptune transiting square the natal Sun within one minute and progressed Venus moving to conjoin Saturn promising a strained, depressing year ahead. Plus the Saturn/Pluto opposition we've been enduring for awhile was right on her Saturn within a degree as were the transiting nodes. Kidnaping is ruled by the 12th house, Pluto and Neptune. Saturn rules her 12th; Neptune was square the Sun, ruler of the seventh; he did claim she was his "wife". The mid-point activity underscores all this

The most interesting midpoint is Venus=Saturn/Sun - direct. That means that Venus is on the mid-point between the Sun and Saturn. "Direct" means it is conjunct the midpoint, not forming an "indirect" aspect like a square or trine. There is zero orb, so this is powerful. Where does the "fate" come in? The mid-point between the Saturn and nodal axis is 10:24 Aquarius. The Sun in the natal chart squares it, and Neptune was transiting over it. It has been my experience and teaching from mentors that the nodes
indicate fate and past life issues. Remember when she was abducted the nodes
were in transit over the Saturn. We'll get back to this in a minute. First, the description of Saturn/Nodes midpoint with an activation from Neptune according to Ebertin is, "Emotional suffering through falsehood, deception, fraud, separation....". When you add the Sun, it is, "The tendency to feel uncomfortable or hindered in the presence of others.....separation." The Venus/Neptune midpoint is 17:50 Sagittarius (the position of
the transit Nodes within two minutes), and transit Saturn was at 17:55 Gemini in opposition within five minutes! I've often said that transits may not seem exact when using traditional methods because midpoints are so seldom considered. The interpretations of these (this midpoint activated by nodes and Saturn) are: "The experiencing of misdirected feelings in love between partners, a love-union with subsequent disappointment, an unhappy union. (Nodes)" and "A morbid or pathological disposition with regard to the expression of love, inhibitions in love, shyness, ....separation caused by wrong love-sensations (Saturn)." Since Pluto was moving into this degree and was barely within orb, it's interpretation with the midpoint is: "Amorous aberrations caused through a strong longing in love without attaining fulfillment, a tragic love, a painful renunciation." Now, these basic interpretations have to be considered in context to the whole experience, but it looks like it was close to the mark. The Pluto/north node midpoint is 20:27 Sagittarius, which is the position of the progressed Saturn within 4 minutes. The Sun/MC midpoint is 17:19 Scorpio; Mars/Saturn is 17:49 Scorpio. Transit Jupiter, at 17:28 Cancer was trine both, portending, perhaps, that the ending might not be so bad. Also showing this is transiting Uranus trine natal Venus.
The Sun/Neptune midpoint is 8:21 Sagittarius and Mars/Ascendant (Mars rules knives and the Ascendant is the body, among other things) midpoint is 8:52 Sagittarius. The progressed MC was at 8:27 Sag when she was abducted and at 9:13 Sagittarius when found. The Uranus/MC midpoint is 9:14 Sag, so freedom (Uranus) was promised. And last, the chart of Elizabeth being found shows a conjunction of Venus and Neptune at 12
Aquarius. The midpoint of Venus/Jupiter is 11:12 Aq. and Uranus/No node is 13:09 Aq. The Neptune/Venus transit was at the midpoint between those two, both of which are very positive in this situation. There is a lot more to all this, but it would require much too much time and energy to get into it here. If you want to peruse this further, a good book about Cosmobiology (a classic) is "The Combination of Stellar Influences" by Reinhold Ebertin.
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