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Advantage E-Zine - July 9, 2001

"Character is destiny; when you change your character, you change your
destiny." That was something my teacher in California said quite often,
and I never forgot it. I see it as hopeful because it gives us a way to
make our future what we want it to be.

Yesterday, I was regretting not having the birth charts of the
philandering representative and the intern (whose names I've already
forgotten), but it doesn't really matter. The metaphysical laws that we
all live under would have been the same as usual. We'll be examining
charts of many people as the weeks unfold, but it is important to
understand some basic things so that when we do examine charts, readers
will understand my approach. My objective in examining a chart
one-to-one is to facilitate change so that the person can lead a more
fulfilling life. Most people do not want to change; they want other
people to become more what they want them to be.

We all make our own reality ourselves. It isn't a matter of "not
being able to help ourselves" when we make unfortunate decisions. It is
a matter of simply recognizing where we have made mistakes repeatedly
(which includes reactions to events we did not initiate), gotten the
same results again and again, and then "trying on" a different behavior
pattern for size. "Acting as if" is a powerful way of changing habits.
And that is what behavior is - habits. Granted, some of that is
defensive and unconscious, but when we become aware of them, they can be
altered. The chart's predictive ability is to be able to tell the time
when these behavior patterns will be brought out to examine, and
hopefully, to recognize and modify. Often they are disguised, and even
more often they are trotted out in other people so that we can see
ourselves in them like a mirror being held up to us.

An Astrologer's job is not to predict the future. In fact, an
Astrologer can't predict what you or anyone else is going to decide to
do. An Astrologer's job is to help people to understand why a person's
life is unfolding the way it is, to analyze what character traits are
troublesome in keeping people from achieving what they want, to point
out times when these traits will be brought to the attention of the
owner of the chart (and that includes group charts, like a country's)
and to suggest ways of altering behavior so that potential future
scenarios can be different when there is not further need for a

We seem to learn by experiencing pain. For instance, if a person has a
habit of angry outbursts, the habit of lashing out and "punishing"
others for daring to incur his or her wrath, may feel good at the moment
(and might even be justified in one's own viewpoint), and in a past
life, it may have had a pay off for the wrathful person. S/he probably
got results from throwing a temper tantrum. But, if now the result is
loneliness because no one wants to take a chance on being the target of
it, surely it isn't hard to see the metaphysical law of cause and effect
at work. When a person's behavior leads inevitably to the same painful
result again and again, s/he will usually, at last, try to figure out
what is going on! But for most people, there is a long period of wanting
other people to change or expecting events to just magically change. It
just doesn't happen that way.

The idea of "declaring it and it is so" which is prevalent in many new
age thought systems, is probably right if it is done after one has
released his own innate negativity. I'm a proponent of this myself. I
firmly believe that what you say over and over, what you expect on a
cellular level, the expectation that you hold in mind with the most
emotion, is definitely your truth, and it will manifest just as you
expect. The catch is what you "hold in mind with the most emotion".
You can rattle off affirmations all day, but if your emotional side is
holding a contradictory belief on a cellular level, things will not
change. This can be unconscious. But, how can you know what your inner
unconscious beliefs and expectations are if it is unconscious? This is
where Astrology shines. Your birth chart has your deepest character
fingerprint in it. It unerringly reveals who you are and why.

Everyone has some character issue to work on. If any of us didn't, we
would not be in this school on this planet. Our characters,
furthermore, are deeply ingrained and often not what we expect. How
often have you met very sweet people who do "too much" for you so that
you feel guilty not doing what they ask you to do? I might tell a
person who does that, in the most acceptable way I can, that s/he is
unconsciously "controlling". I want to help her or him to figure out
why, but usually, it takes a few years to get the idea across, if I see
them again at all! I especially can see this particular trait because I
suffer from it myself and have wrestled with it for 62 years. There is
nothing that replaces experience! The most blessed day of my life, was
when I recognized it in my chart, could see the signature clearly and
relate it to my actual behavior.

Hopefully, some of you who haven't looked at Astrology as a
character-related study will understand better what I'm trying to get
across as we examine some important charts. Unless there is something
more dynamic in the next two weeks, we'll take a close look at George
Bush's character next.
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