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Advantage E-Zine - July 23, 2001

I want to say at the outset that I did not particularly favor either
candidate and had no opinion of George W. Bush one way or the other when
the presidential race was under way. This is not a biased analysis. I'm
using traditional Astrology and making it as simple as possible.

George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 at 7:26 am EDT in New Haven,
CT. (His chart is online at Just copy and paste
the URL into your browser's address window.) The first thing I
noticed about this chart is the apparent lack of stress. His is not
a very difficult life. In his past incarnation(s) he was blessed with
having a bent toward travel and pleasure (South Node in the fifth in
Sagittarius opposite Uranus, trine the MC and Venus, sextile Moon and
Jupiter). Saturn in the 12th does speak of at least one incarnation
that was stressful, though. In this lifetime even the squares are
between planets that we do not usually associate with difficulty as
much as we do with excessive pleasure. For instance, the only square
aspects between planets are Sun square Jupiter and Moon, which are in
conjunction with each other. Even though Sun square Moon is
not all that easy - it indicates a desire to gain without a lot of
effort and a tendency toward rebellion because of an internal conflict -
the presence of Jupiter is indicative of high expectation and ease of

When the Sun and Moon are in the first quarter phase, as they are here,
it usually produces a tendency to disagree instantly in order to display
one's autonomy. Many rebellious people have this lunar phase. But, when
there is so much Libra and Leo, it will be done non-aggressively which
can amount to passive-aggressive behavior. Leo likes to be the "king",
but Libra wants to please. When Jupiter is ALSO in Libra, there is
usually a very popular personality who gives the impression that he's
generous, pleasant and out to please everyone. The follow-through is
often the problem because the promises change depending on the audience.
The man is a born politician, but he is probably sincere. He isn't
complicated enough to be devious.

There are no retrograde planets in the chart. Most charts have some
retrograde bodies, but when there are none, it can indicate a lack of
introspection. It helps that Mercury is conjunct Pluto, since that does
reflect a probing mind, but it's in the first house in Leo, which is a
bit self-absorbed. In other words, he'd be thinking in terms of how he's
coming across, how he looks, and the impression of his public persona.

The presence of many placements in Leo and Libra shows a main concern
with relationships and how he appears to others. He is not a
confrontational type and is a good actor. He has good taste and will
make choices that enhance his ego. He would marry someone with this in
mind and would be extraordinarily lucky in that regard. Ruler of the
seventh, Uranus, is trine Moon/Jupiter in Libra and sextile Venus. He
will be very aware of the impression he's making and would not knowingly
do anything to upset his reputation, although his partying days were
more indicative of his real self. He just hadn't matured enough to
realize the long-term result of that. Remember, he's not particularly

Most planets are in the first quadrant (houses one through three) which
can indicate a person who is learning who he is by experiencing personal
events. It's a good thing the Sun, Saturn and Uranus are in the fourth
quadrant to give him some concern about humanity in general. There are
no western hemisphere planets at all (the right side of the chart), so
this is a "sowing" incarnation wherein the choices he makes are ultra

Jeanne Avery says that Saturn in the 12th house speaks of a past life
wherein one was in authority and caused such a calamity that the guilt
is still there. Such a person usually does not seek authority
outrightly, but seems to get it "behind the scenes" despite themselves,
so to speak. I equate this with the idea that when one falls off a
horse, it's important to get back on to overcome the fear; the karma
seems to be that the person gets into authority even though not seeking
it in order to heal the guilt. So, Saturn in the 12th people seem to
get into authoritative positions by default, even though they fear it
unconsciously. George Bush not only has Saturn placed there, but it also
squares the MC which is fear of success. Many people with this
combination unconsciously sabotage themselves in order to escape from
authoritarian roles. He likes to be the king for the glory, trappings
and prestige (Leo rising), but he's not really ambitious for power. This
would be the perfect kind of man to make president if powerful people
wanted a puppet to do what he was told and to get the attention while
someone else did the work. Compared to Abraham Lincoln and JFK, this man
is a child. I just cannot see him as presidential material of his own

And last, Sun in Cancer will always have family values at his core.
That's a given. He's traditional, and with the Sun the 12th, there is a
soft-hearted core to this man that is vulnerable. He likes his privacy,
and this public life has to be a bit hard for him in some respects (the
notorious incident with his twins, for instance), but the conflict is
that he also likes attention and prestige. I think we'll see a lot of
this vulnerable side when Saturn transits Cancer in a couple years.
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